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Monday, August 3, 2009

[Lucius, standing watch as usual. I'm very lucky, he is my equivalent to Cesar's dog "Daddy." I can take him anywhere and introduce him to anyone and he is a perfect Ambassador for the Rottie Breed. He very much wants to be friends with this rescue, but has not had the opportunity yet as this dog is not anywhere near being healed, and ready to socializing.]

Yesterday was such a fantastic day for Buddy, er, I mean Cesar dog, that I can hardly wait for today. It’s a beautiful day out, and my assistant Angela Morin is coming over to meet our new friend and do a little bit of work with me.

Our first plan is to just have Angela go in his kennel and feed him. It went so well with my dad yesterday, and there is not a doubt in my mind, I know he will do great with Angela. This is nothing new for her either; she has worked in rescue for many years specializing in large/giant breed dogs. She is also a certified dog trainer and has been my student/assistant for over two years now. I have every bit of confidence in her!

On this video you will see the very first meeting between Cesar dog and Angela. It goes very well! He eats only the hot dogs and lunchmeat; Angela gets to keep all of her fingers! This is good for Angela. Good for Cesar dog as well.

You will hear Lucius barking in the background. This would be his personal commentary and protest. He obviously wants in the kennel run and some of those hot dogs. Normally I would give him a “ssht!” to curb that demand for food and attention, but not knowing where we stand on dog aggression I chose to use that moment to see if Cesar dog reacts aggressively in any way. Lucky for Angela he doesn’t!

A huge "thank you" to Angela Morin, Owner of Enlightened Canines Rescue and Rehabilitation Sanctuary.

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