Saturday, August 15, 2009

Thursday, July 30 2009

[Here, in this pic, you can notice the incontinence. He is just standing there dripping.]

Rise and shine! Another pack walk, and more social time with our friend Buddy, er, uh, Cesar. Sorry, he is Cesar now.

Today he is a slightly more alert, but still not sure on his feet. I’m also taking into consideration the condition of his teeth and mouth and assuming that he has not eaten very well at all in weeks? Maybe longer? Lack of good nutrition, and underdeveloped muscles are obvious. He certainly has a way to go before he can have a clean bill of health!

Although he is still incontinent, he has spent more time outside of his crate watching all the activity today. I have purposely spent even more time outside with my pack working obedience, and playing. I want to lead by example. I want him to see what it is like to be apart of a pack, and what the pack looks like when they are sharing good energy and having a great time. Today Cesar gets a chance to watch a pack of dogs share plenty of affection, interact with me, and get rewarded with treats for performing basic and advanced obedience commands. The power of the pack.

Of course we still have the kennel run to hose out rather often. He is still not happy about this, and he still hides in his crate, but today he didn’t shake. This is forward movement. Excellent.

Feeding went much better today. At 5 different times today I sat in his kennel with him and fed him hot dogs and lunchmeat. My pack lined up next to the fence of the training field observing ever moment!

It was a good day.

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