Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Saturday, August 22, 2009 - Breakthrough.

This week I have continued to use my pack to help rehabilitate Noah. I wish all of you could truly know just how beautiful this is. Lucius has a wonderful story all his own. Not only has he come back from near death experiences twice so far in his short life, it’s a miracle he is here to begin with. He has overcome amazing obstacles in his life to play the part of my “right hand man” and now it has been his gift to help rehabilitate other dogs.

Most recently would be my blue pit Dharma that came to us 11 months ago. Finding her way to me thin, filthy, and full of puncture wounds from another dog, this scrappy little girl is believed to come from the fighting ring, and has also proven to be quite the lesson for both Lucius and I. She is our dharma, coming from the Sanskrit word meaning of one’s “duty” – religious or otherwise. She is our duty, or responsibility, our lesson. Joining our pack this summer is Sol, a rottie also with a story that spans 4 years. It is their turn to pay it forward with Noah. It is their turn to show Noah the joys of living amongst a pack, of being accepted, and being truly protected by a pack leader.

The past several days Noah has very curiously watched my pack directly outside his kennel run. This is his safety, and his security for now, but he has become ever so curious as I play with the pack just a few feet from him, share affection with the pack, outfit them with their training collars, leashes and back packs. Now as we all walk off for our pack walks in the morning Noah has taken to giving a few barks, and howls. No doubt communicating with the rest of the pack.

No problem my friend; you are welcome to come. You just have to be able to put on a collar and leash.

Video: In this video you will see daily duty of cleaning out his kennel. In the beginning he would hide in his crate, or try to jump out of the kennel-run shaking, submissively urinating, and vocalizing, as the Husky breed is known for. Here you will see how far he has come. He will still hide behind me, and seek protection from me, but no longer will you see him try to escape. His fear of the water hose is diminishing. His expression is gaining more curiosity. He demeanor is becoming more relaxed, and we are able to share much more affection with him at this point. Previously, he was in such a constant nervous state of mind that any talking to him or affection would only nurture his nervousness. Despite being 100% healthy, and the ample amount of clean water available to him daily, currently he is still not drinking enough, or having normal bowel movements. Better, but not good. Lets see what this week holds. It is still a process, but definitely progress.

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