Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sunday, August 23, 2009 - Lori & Claudia's visit!

Today Noah and I enjoyed a nice visit with Lori and Claudia. It was a great opportunity for Noah to do a little bit more work, and perfect for the gals to learn a little bit more about the rehabilitation process. Not much improvement in one day from Noah of course. Well, slightly. I was able to put the training collar on him right away, leash him up, but walking him from the kennel to the training field happened pretty much just as slow as yesterday. The process of teaching a dog to walk on a leash in this situation was new to Lori and Claudia, and learning not to “nurture” weakness in Noah will prove rather challenging I’m sure, but it was a good day!

Many thanks to both Lori and Claudia for all of their efforts with Noah, and all of the other lives they have touched. With many thanks to Cesar Millan and Noah, living in the moment, and loving it!

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