Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Thursday, August 13, 2009 - Vet re-check!

Today is the day. The day he must go back to Arlington Animal Hospital for a re-check, remove those bothersome stitches, and a quick bath while he’s in dreamland. I am very happy to tell you all that this vet visit is very uneventful. No drama, no thrashing about, no tantrums, no biting. I know this does not make for a good blog, but it does make for more balance in this dog’s life. Actually, here is the truth; the day before Dr. S gave very direct orders. Give him six Acepromazine. Six. Yes,.. not five, but six Acepromazine. Make sure he absolutely takes all SIX Ace well before you bring him here. Not FIVE. Give him ALL SIX. Ok Dr. S, got it! Six Acepromazine make for one very sleepy, very incoherent dog. Sleepy dogs tend not to bite. Sleepy dog in crate, lift crate into car, and off we go. Easy for us, and more importantly, it’s easy for Cesar dog.

By this time Lori and I realize that although “Cesar” is a great name, there is already a great “Cesar” out there, and this Cesar dog needs a name that is a little bit more fitting for him. He needs a name that is more “his” name. Lori spent the evening looking up names that not only have a meaning for her, but also a meaning for this old soul that has come into our lives. Sitting in the waiting room we go through a list. One after another, as nice of names as they are, they are just not befitting this surviving old soul.

Old soul. Survivor. Wait,.. there is one that is very fitting. Noah. Hebrew in origin, and has meanings that range from “peaceful”, “long-lived”, “comforter”, and “wanderer.” The Biblical patriarch survivor of the Great Flood whom drifted for 40 days. Ahhh, yes. This is our Noah. Our Noah is an old soul, a wanderer, a drifter, a survivor, and a future comforter to other canine companions in need. This I can see clearly. Well-done Lori!

Welcome to the first day of the rest of your brand new life Noah.

Video (Big “thank you” to Craig Cirelli.): Here you will see Lucius, Noah’s guardian and protector, welcoming his new friend home. Since Noah arrived Lucius has had to be content with keeping watch over his new pack member from the outside of the kennel. He’s expressed his concern and need to enter the kennel many times, but has had to be patient while Noah was quarantined and healing. This is the first time Lucius was granted his wish of entering the kennel to meet his friend. Well-done Lucius!

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