Thursday, August 6, 2009

Excuses Be Gone - Dr. Wayne Dyer...

There is an older woman who lives by the side of a river up in the mountains, the Himalayas. She was a divine soul. She carried with her bread in a sack.

One day she was sitting by the edge of the river where she lived, and as she was looking at the river bed she noticed a precious stone. Now, not just any precious stone, but a precious stone as big as her hand. She picked it up and realized that with this precious stone and its value, she would have a lock on abundance and prosperity for the rest of her life. Such was its value. And as she was sitting there she put the stone back in her bag.

And a man, a traveler came along and noticed her sitting by the edge of the river. And he asked her, he said, "I'm hungry, I've had nothing to eat, could I have something to eat?"

And she said, "Of course and she reached into her bag and she took out a crust of bread and handed it to him."

As she did this the traveler noticed the precious stone gleaming, and he said to her, "I'd like to have that. Could I have that please?"

And she said, "Of course", and she reached into the bag and she handed it to him.

Now, he knew, being poor that this was the answer to his success he had always wanted, and the abundance and prosperity, and he left.

And the next day he came back. He talked to the woman, and he said, "I'm giving you this stone back, but I would like you to give me something even more precious than this stone."

And she said, "What would that be?"

He said, "I would like you to give me what you have inside of you that allowed you to give me that stone."

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