Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Monday, July 27, 2009 - Part 4, The day is over.

Reminder: Earlier I talked about “red tape” and a whole lot of other stuff that may have been right, or wrong, may have been done purposely, or not; things that may or may not have been fair, etc. Let me just lead by example and say, “Thank you Greg Beck! Thank you Devore Shelter! Thank you Lawyers representing the shelter!” First, it truly did not matter what this dog looked like, I had already agreed to take him on. It was just my curiosity to see him, but had no bearing on my decision to help. It simply would have been a courtesy, and good gesture on their behalf to allow me a quick peek. Second, I am so grateful that I did not have to try and get this dog in my car, or anyone else’s, as he would have bled and oozed, and peed every where! Yuck! What a mess and what a struggle that would have been! I am so grateful that was in their truck and not mine! Lesson: No matter how bad things look or seem, that is just what you are seeing on the surface. I am truly grateful that Greg Beck was able to hand deliver with the Officer, this dog to me in their own truck! The already very long, and hot day would have been far longer if I would have had to do this on my own! I am very grateful for their assistance! Can you imagine if I would have had to do that by myself? Possible, but yikes! Never judge a book, or a situation by what you see on the surface. Things have a way of working out sometimes!

Buddy is now resting comfortably, and quietly in the kennel run. My pack is taken care of and sleeping.

Time to take care of me. I remember from my own First Aid & CPR/First Responder class that it is good to use both ice and heat on an injury such as mine. Reduces swelling and loosens up all of the muscles, tendons, and ligaments that have been damaged. Promotes healing. So, heat = nice hot bubble bath by candlelight! Ice = a glass of wine with ice cubes in it! HA! I have just the formula: Soak hand in hot tub for 5 minutes, then place icy cold glass of wine in hand, sip, repeat every 5 minutes!

With a glass of wine in my good hand I head off to a long, hot bubble bath. With nothing but gratitude and positive thoughts swimming through my tired head, my sore, swollen and bruised hand loosening in the hot water, and the soft sound of Lucius sleeping next to the tub I begin to drift off to a very peaceful place.

Monday is done, and Tuesday is sure to bring a whole new level of excitement to our story. Sweet Dreams my friends! Look for more of Buddy’s story later today, or tomorrow.


Jen and the pack, Lucius, Dharma, and Solomon!

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