Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday, August 1, 2009

[Just look at that face!]

Day 6. Cesar is doing well, and showing us a calm submissive smile almost consistently. Nobody has lost any fingers or toes, and there has been no bloodshed! Now the real question is, what are all of those people going to do when this dog is rehabilitated? Remember all of those people that were dead set on euthanizing this dog because he was too aggressive? Ok, I give, it is still early on, and we shouldn’t count our chickens before they hatch!

Moving on now. “Cesar” is still fearful of the hose when I clean the kennel, and still hides in his crate. I’m not surprised, and plan for this to be a work in progress. He’s still eating out of my hands just fine several times a day, and actually seems to look forward to my company. I’m sure this is something he is not used to at all. As I walk dogs by his kennel run, he comes up to the side looking for a bit of attention now. Progress.

I attempted to try and wipe down his face today, it was a no go. A warm washcloth coming towards his face was not high on his list of priorities. Fair enough. We will try again tomorrow!

What a wonderful story for this dog. He goes from the streets where kids are throwing things at him and he is exposed to all of Mother Nature’s harsh elements and no food, to the shelter where he cannot be treated for his massive wounds and is set to be euthanized, to a Dog Training and Rehabilitation Center for Complete Canine Wellness. Here he gets a very quiet country atmosphere, his own private quarters with a pool, breezy shelter, Organic dog food, and soft voices and friendly canine faces that greet him everyday. Wow! How lucky is this dog?

May an abundance of all good things find come to all of you; it has to this sweet rescue dog!

Jen, and the pack!

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