Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Wow! These pictures speak louder than words!

Here it is, only 7 days since "Cesar" had arrived, and he is already taking food from someone other than me, someone who is not only a stranger, but a man. MY DAD!

My dad spent bout 5 minutes sitting outside of the kennel run, all the while Cesar gave a low guttural growl. He definitely seems to be very uneasy around men. After about 5 minutes my dad got up and came inside. We chatted inside the house for a short time, then we both went back out to the kennel equipped with yummy lunchmeat!

Starting back at step one my dad sits outside Cesar’s kennel and just talks to him. There is a little lip curl, so I go in first, having already established a relationship with him now, and begin feeding him. My dad comes in after me, I hand over the goods, and Cesar allows my dad to feed him! Woohoo!

Now, please keep in mind, that just 7 days ago this dog was deemed so aggressive that no one could get near him. I was told that he was too aggressive even for the vet to give him treatment. If you haven't read the first three posts, now is a good time to go back and review. In just 7 days my dad is feeding him. I had planned on beginning with a variety of women feeding him, but the opportunity presented itself, and look what we have accomplished.

At the end of the video you will see my dad reach his hand towards "Cesar" and allow him to sniff. Cesar didn't offer any kisses, but just simply turned his head and avoided any further contact. No further lip curls, or growls, and my dad still has all 9 fingers,.. I mean 10, yea 10 fingers.

Please forgive me for the very amateur video footage. My professional cameraman was off today.

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